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CREW consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from Mayville/Gran Lutheran Church.
We meet once a month during the school year.
CREW stands for "Christ Resurrected Everyone Wins".
Some of the different activities we have done over the years include: community volunteer work, swimming, bowling, sledding, mystery menu dinner, scavenger hunts, hayrides, bonfires, game days, and delivering cookies to Sun Center.
Our goal is to reach out to kids to help them grow in their faith and for them to reach out to their community to be an example of Christ. The activities help to give the young people a chance to participate in Church life, develop their own faith/spirituality, and discover new friendships.

The EDGE is an active youth group that is part of Mayville Lutheran Church.  This group is for grades 9th thru 12th grade.  We meet every Wednesday during the school year.  EDGE stands for Every Day God Enters. 

We have had a variety of activities we have done over the years.  We go bowling, learn yoga, and play bingo at the Suncenter.  We will have lessons on some evenings. 


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Youth Mission Work


Mali Mission


 In 2006, Mayville Lutheran Sunday School began sponsoring two children in Mali, Africa through World Vision.  The Sunday School kids return banks on a designated Sunday each month with money they have collected.  We have been very fortunate and have collected enough money to not only sponsor Soh and Seba but also send them Christmas gifts and make donations to their village. This money has been used to complete projects benefitting many.  The Sunday School children continue to learn about what God calls Christians to do for those in need.  The enthusiasm of the Sunday School has spread to others and now over 20 children in the same community in Mali are sponsored by people in the Mayville area.  

Mayville to Mali – we are making a difference! 

 To learn more, or to help with this wonderful project, please contact
Bonnie Freeland (, 786-3331, or Sara Vaagene, 543-4160.

Phone: (701) 786-3202   Mailing Address: 24 3rd Ave SE, Mayville, ND 58257   
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