Words of Appreciation
From the time of my first interview with the call committee for Mayville United Minis-try, I remember what I appreciated about the meeting and the time we spent to-gether. Reflecting on that I continued to think and notice how words of appreciation were standing out to me. I was getting to know the people, the churches, and the community and how these were appreciated. I heard appreciation for Mayville State University and the gifts this brings. I heard about the Luther Memorial Home and the Sanford Clinic and ER and how people appreciate having these housing, medi-cal, and assistance resources. I heard appreciation for the schools being here, the golf course, the waterpark, and things that are nice for families.
I will not be able to name them all but I heard and continue to hear how people ap-preciate the people of this community, the sense that they know people here and have a sense of belonging. Words of appreciation were spoken for Pastor Chris, Charlie, and leadership who provided help and guidance in the interim, through the call process, and had the hard job of doing what needed to be done to prepare to call a lead pastor. As Michelle and I spend more time here and get settled I know that feeling of appreciation will grow in us for this community.
As we hear and share words of appreciation it continues to encourage gratitude for relationships and what we have been given. I am more aware of the blessings I have rather than my tendency to only focus on what I do not have. I want to spend more time in the place of hope and possibility with what God has given as the start-ing point for growth. Through growth and change as well as loss, grief, and transi-tion, God is still with us.
I like how the name of the newsletter is “Branches” as it reminds me to abide with God. Connected to God let us walk together in ministry. As we begin the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday we spend time in the places of loss, brokenness, and grief yet with hope in the full story of how even death has been conquered and can-not separate us from God.
Blessings to you this Lent,  KEITH



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